Ekos Scheduler Ready

Finally we have the logic for the Scheduler implemented. The basic workflow behind the main scheduling algorithm is based on the priority queue concept. When triggered, the program will begin to evaluate the existing objects or “jobs” and give every single one of them a score. This score mechanic is based on a number of constraints and settings like altitude , angular distance to the moon and starting/finishing time. After the best object was selected, the scheduler proceeds to execute the current job. The execution is based on program states (A clean asynchronous way of handling the code) thus code execution is never blocked.

A new feature that was added is the FITS selection method. Instead of regular object selection, a user could now select a FITS image. The image will then be solved into a set of coordinates (RA/DEC) and the regular object will be constructed.

My work for now on will consist in maintaining and cleaning up the code. I am certain that my experience with KDE will not end with GSoC. Big thanks to Jasem for his assistance and guidance.

Stay tuned for the next update that will include a preview of the GUI which suffered small modifications during this last month :).


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