Midterm update

As we reached the midway of our journey, i think some updates are in order. All i can say is that i had a really good time this last month. Coding and watching the project grow is just awesome. But enough talking, lets get to the interesting part. During this month, with the assistance of my mentor (big thanks here to Jasem) , I designed a GUI for the Scheduler and i implemented the most simple scenario for an observation schedule (I will explain this in a minute). This was done for the purpose of testing, with the intent of further use, of the DBus calls functionallity. As a possible stand alone program, the Scheduler must be as independent as possible. Here you can see how the GUI turned out:


And now, back to the current scheduler logic. I implemented the functionallity for the “Now” scenario. Basically, after a user selects an object, he can specifiy that the observation should start right now by checking the “Now” checkbox. After the scheduler starts, it begins to make DBus calls through the ekos interface like slewing the telescope, loading the sequence file and starting the sequence. The next order of business will be to figure out an algorithm which can determine which is the best object that should be prioritised. Adding the implementation of the “Specific time” functionallity to this algorithm, will make the basic scheduler logic that needs to be implemented. This is it for now. I will return with further updates. Stay tuned 😀