Coding begins!

As of today, the coding period for GSOC has started. I can’t describe into words how excited i am about this summer. During the community bonding period i did not only got to know and interact with some of my fellow gsoc students, but i also used some of this break-time to sudy and get myself acquainted with the rest of KStars codebase.

I won’t talk much about my project in my first post because i will keep you guys informed along the way but all i can say is that it will be a very interesting journey and the fact that i will be able to help and see this project grow is giving me a wonderful feeling.

Basicly, what i have to do is a simple scheduler for Ekos. This will automate the process of astrophotography. The automation of this process will undoubtedly provide better astrophotography sessions and overall, raise the efficiency of the observatory.

I will talk about some of my ideas in the next entries.